“Valentine's Day gifting”
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The past Valentine's Day, my boyfriend gave his mum, his sister, and myself roses for Valentine's Day. I don't mind him giving his mum roses, but I was bothered by the fact that his sister got roses like me.

I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but to me it lessen the "specialness" of me getting roses on Valentine's Day since we got the same thing. I felt the need to tell him that if he was doing the same thing this year, that he didn't have to get me anything, that I would be okay with it, and that she has her signficant other to gift her. He doesn't understand that to me it felt less special. His response was that I was making him pick between him and his family and that it didn't matter if his sister would even be married, that him and his brother would continue to give her roses.

Am I wrong to feel this way?

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