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This couple is going through hard times

Question? This couple is going through hard times. The main reason is the "boyfriend" has this one friend in which the "girlfriend" does not like because "the friend" makes poor lifestyle choices that has also dragged the "boyfriend" down with him in the past , its hard for the "girlfriend" to trust him with this "friend" because of the choices he's made .

Thing is the "boyfriend" still remains friends with him and at least 3x a week will leave to go help or hangout with his "friend" and be gone until it gets almost light out in the morning. The "boyfriend" sees no problem with this and the "girlfriend" thinks it's the main problem as to why they keep going in circles fighting over the same thing , him being gone all night.

Is she wrong to think this? Is he wrong to hang out with his friend that late that often? The "girlfriend" says its ruining their relationship and she cant live like this but she cant leave, the "boyfriend" says she is the one causing her own emotional issues over this. What's your input? How do they overcome this? Can they overcome this if he sees no problem with his actions and she sees it's his actions causing the problem?

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