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“Struggling with a sulky man”

Short and sweet... I am engaged to a guy since last year, we have been together for 10. I'm finding that his sulking is getting intolerable. Example: since 2 weeks he has given me the "I'm so sad" because my friends got me out the house unexpectedly and he did not like it and went quiet for days. I went to a car boot and I liked something but he thought that it was not right for me and because I bought it ....he sulked!

Now only today I cooked the meal and it was time for my swimming lesson (trying to strengthen my compressed nerve), I told him to eat and I will when I get back but he became sulky and is now lying in the bedroom whilst I am in the living room. I have tried to speak to him but have noticed that if I do not speak to him first his next phase is the scorned man, when that does not work he is back to sulky. I am 49, he is 51. I feel like a child who is in trouble and it gives me sleepless nights. I have gone through the same with my ex for 23 years and this for 11 years. He is normally a good decent man but this behaviour makes me want to run away and live in a cave alone.

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