“Struggling to stop lying about stupid things”
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Hi All, I have been in a committed relationship with my fiancé for a little over 6 years and am to get married at the end of September. At the beginning of February, I did the unthinkable, something I did not think I was possible of, and cheated on my fiancé as part of a one time slip in judgement. It made me sick to my stomach as it should and I am ashamed of myself. My fiancé left and separated for nearly a month before coming home, and we have been working diligently to work things out and I'm trying to rebuild trust. Through the first 5 days she returned, we made tremendous progress until I made a joke that involved a lie about whether or not I liked the sweater she was wearing. I thought I was just joking but it turned out that a lie is a lie: I'm worried that these slips may happen and am looking for tips on how to prevent and address go forward. Thoughts? Thx

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