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Still thinking about him

I once had a guy friend, he was a good friend. My girl friends told me that he was staring at me and was into me, I wondered whether what they said was real or not. Soon, I started developing feelings for him. I decided to ask him straight so I asked him, he got mad and left me. The next day, he Informed to all the other guy classmates I felt ashamed. He didn't know that it was my friends who put that idea on my head. It hurted me, soon we stopped talking but I still had feelings. I had to see him all day in school as we were in same class. I later changed school so that I'll forget him, but I can't. I spoke with him once, he just replied. I felt he wasn't comfortable and left it.

Then I got into college and i got into a relationship but still I can't stop thinking about him when I'm alone. What shall I do? I hate that I'm still thinking about him when I've a bf. I know it's wrong But I can't stop. Can someone help me. I really have feelings for both. But I've more feelings for the former than on my bf. Idk what to do. Help me. It's been 5years.

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