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“She stopped texting back”

I'm a male in my 20s, she is 19. We both live in different states... We met about three years ago online playing games. We gained a bond over the years and we talked everyday for the past three years pretty much. I wasn't at first interested in her, it just kind of happened. This year one day I was just texting her and I felt a tingling feeling like I really like this girl. Keep in mind we mostly only text one another.

About two months ago she started to act weird towards me. She wouldn't reply back for hours and a few times a whole day when normally she would text back within the hour. This been consistent for years, her texting back with in the hour. I asked her what was wrong, she said nothing was wrong, she just didn't feel like texting and she's never said that before. But I know she was talking to her ex that she also met online and he started going out with another girl and that's when she changed up and started to act weird. Also keep in mind I know she has nothing to do all day everyday. Currently she's home every day so its not like she can't respond back or she's busy.

After her waiting a day to text back she says she's back for good now and has been texting me every day but stuff is still off, I can tell. She still takes long to reply back and doesn't seem too interested in talking to me. I was just curious as to what I should do. Do I need to just not respond back as much? Maybe she's tired of to much texting after all the years. Maybe she's playing games or maybe she met someone and doesn't want to tell me even tho I asked if she did and she said no.

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