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“She's single but I'm not”

I met this wonderful woman in a seminar a few months ago. We hung out and I knew already that I liked her. First time I was with her was during a business meeting and I could really feel that she liked me because she told stories that were way too personal during our first encounter. She doesn't know me that well, to at least share details of her current relationship whom I found out that she is not sure of. Aside from that, she is also sharing some privately kept photos that are on her phone (which I believe she doesn't show to people). I can say this because she is maintaining a very private social media account. Alas, our time together ended and that was the last time I saw her. However, we maintain a professional connection because we work in the same company. She also doesn't communicate that much because she is in a relationship with someone else and busy at work.

Fast forward several months. I am in a relationship with someone for four months and we are already having some small bumps on our way to our fifth month. I seem to have a disconnect with my current partner because I feel she is too young for me (I'm 33 and she's 24). I feel that we are not on the same page/wavelength/frequency as each other. I'm trying to patch the holes and hopefully connect once again.

At the course of my journey trying to patch things up, I found myself communicating with this girl I met several months back. This time, she is single. We found ourselves texting and chatting which I find kinda new because previously we did not have this kind of conversation lasting for hours. We talked about my current relationship and what's going on with her and vice versa. I realized that maybe the reason why we get to connect on different levels is because we are of the same wavelength. She is also 33.

It's funny because I can still feel that she still likes me. Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. I am now caught in a dilemma of wanting to stay in my current relationship or get to know this woman who I believe will really complete me as a person. I'm not saying my girlfriend doesn't complete me, maybe not yet because she is immature and will have to develop in order for me to feel that she completes me. I'm trying to re-evaluate what had transpired that led me to be in this relationship. Was I being too fast? Was I pressured because I'm not getting any younger? Was I in a hurry to be in love again? (I was single for three years). I REALLY DON'T KNOW.

Now the question is... Is it okay to admit your feelings to a person who knows that you are committed? How? What do you think should be my approach? What do you think will she feel? (Taking into consideration my whole story). Thanks.

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