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"Secret pornography"

I could really use a few different perspectives and opinions. This morning I got up early and went to the gym while my partner of four years was still at home in bed. We do occasional sleepovers but he does not live with me. When I got home from the gym I assumed he was getting ready for work as I heard the shower running. I thought that I would surprise him and hop in the shower with him. When I got into the bathroom I caught him with his phone in the shower watching porn and masturbating. I left the house immediately as I felt like I should cool down before discussing what happened with him.

I want to be fair and reasonable when we talk about this, which is why I am asking for some opinions before saying anything to him. I felt really upset and betrayed as we spent the entire night together and he had multiple opportunities to initiate something with me both then and this morning when we woke up. The fact that he gets off to strange naked women having sex bothers me a lot. I knew that he used to watch porn but I have told him in the past that I am not comfortable with pornography and that I don't want us to bring it into our relationship.

I don't have an issue with him masturbating but I don't like when he does it while fantasizing about the women in the porn that he is watching. Is it unrealistic expecting him to rely on other aids besides porn? I felt it was really disrespectful of him doing this when we were just together and especially in my house! I don't have a great self-esteem and I am feeling really betrayed, hurt and disrespected. Please give me some perspective on the situation ? Am I entitled to feeling unhappy about this?

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