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"Saving himself for marriage"

Okay, I have never asked for relationship advice online before. But I'm having trouble and I need to hear some advice. This will probably be too much information but I want to provide context.

I'm a 24 year old virgin. Now it's not that I've never wanted to have sex. But even as a teenager I wanted my first time to be someone 1) I was in love with and 2) somewhat caring and responsible. The fact is I didn't date much so no one I dated fit the bill. Now in the last couple of years or so, I decided to relax my standards a bit. I decided I didn't need to be in love as long as it was with someone I liked. So I waited for someone to fit that bill.

In the last couple of months, I've started seeing a guy. I've known him for several years and even had a crush on him in the past. But I didn't get the vibe that it was reciprocated and we didn't talk much so nothing happened until now. He's so sweet; funny; smart; and seems to be into me. I thought, "Okay, I know him. I like him. I trust him. This is good." I was ready. Then he told me that he doesn't want to have sex until we're married. He's not religious; he's 22 and lost his virginity with his girlfriend when he was a teenager. It's just that he thinks waiting will make it more special.

Now here's the thing, I respect his belief and I would never pressure him. I've heard of people who "save themselves" and thought it was sweet. But I never planned to do it myself. Now we've progressed to the "I love you" phase and I do love him. But the more I fall in love with him, the more I want to go to bed with him. I can take care of my physical "urges" but I can't help wanting to get closer emotionally. The thing is I don't plan to get married for a long time and I have... "urges" now. What do I do now?

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