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"Questioning my sexuality"

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over a year now. But for the last few months I've been having doubts... like do I really love him? and all that. I didn't know it was normal then and I used to get really worked up about it and get panic attacks. I just wanted it to go away. And it did sometimes. But I was also scared that I would start liking someone else like in my past relationship. And as I continued to think about it I feel as though now I may like my bestfriend. But I'm not sure if I actually do or if I'm just projecting my fears. Mind you my bestfriend is a girl and I am straight.. or so I thought. This whole thing has even come to the point of me questioning my sexuality. When im with my boyfriend I feel content and happy but my fears will not leave me alone. How can I get out of this?

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