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My girlfriend doesn't want sexual touches

It's been 660 days when we are in relationship. She's 18 and me too. 2 months before lockdown we have done many sexual things. ( For two months we often had it once or twice in a week or some times thrice) But in two month of lockdown she stayed away from me and in our chats we have decided that we would have oral sex. we don't wanted a sundden sex we wanted to be familiar with each other body first..

Then comes the problem when lockdown ended she sunddenly changed and she said she doesn't like the sexual activities that we have done. She did not get feelings to do that so and she doesn't feel romantic and she can't do that.. but she also mentioned that her Love haven't decreased but she don't want to do this stuff.. I'm really very roman person and as I'm 18+ I was willing to do sex but k can't leave her or cheat her as I love her most.

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