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“My boyfriend doesn't want to marry me”
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Hi everyone, Me and my boyfriend are both 20 have been dating since we were 16. We moved out at 18 and are saving for a mortgage together. Marriage is so important to me (my parents have been married for nearly 30 years) but he doesn't want to get married or engaged. His parents are together but have never married. I would love to get married and show our commitment and love towards each other and make it official but he's not interested. He says he wants to get married at some point in the future but he won't pop the question to me.

I feel like something is holding him back and making him not want to marry me but he won't tell me what it is. He says he loves me and won't leave but so many people around us are getting married or engaged who have been together less time and aren't as financially stable as us (to pay for engagement or wedding costs). I cook him meals every day, I clean the house and do the washing. I think I do really look after him, we both look after each other. I work full time and stay in shape. A work colleague of his is getting married and she doesn't do anything for her other half, she doesn't cook or pay rent or for bills, I don't know what I'm doing wrong;( I feel like there's something wrong with me which is the reason causing him to not want to commit.

I feel like it's driving me crazy. Marriage is a big deal to me and I dream of how I'd have my special day and I feel bitter and jealous towards other people celebrating their engagements/weddings. It's horrible I know! If he loves me and wants to stay with my forever the why won't he commit and marry me? It gets me down and I love him but I worry as to why he hasn't asked me yet if he does love me and knows how much being husband and wife means to me. What's stopping him? Please help.

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