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“Long distance issues”

Hi there.. so I’m a 20 year old girl and i have been talking to a guy online for about 3-4 years. We had an on-&-off “virtual” relationship until we decided to finally meet last year. It only lasted a week but it seemed so perfect for both of us. Now I should probably mention that my boyfriend is an FTM transgender and is struggling with depression, anxiety etc. and he also has a very unstable living situation. I am supposed to travel to see him tomorrow (after 3 months being apart), but a week ago he asked me if we could “go on a break”.

He said the relationship makes him sad because I can’t be there with him. He said he doesn’t want to break up with me and that he still wants me to visit, but he wants to be “on a break.” Now i am severely confused. I understand that he is struggling and i want to support him, but i am really scared of what’s going to happen when I go there. I don’t want to have travelled so far and then have to stay away from him while I’m there because of this break, when we are finally together after so long? I have never loved someone this much before and I’m scared I’ll get my heart broken again. I already fell apart when he asked for the break.. he told me everything would be fine and he doesn’t want this to go on for long and that he just needs some time but am I wrong to be worrying so much about this? I’m just really scared I’ll lose him.

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