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"It takes him forever with me"

I am a women in my early 40's and I can't get enough sex with my boyfriend. Usually it's amazing except one thing. I have caught him pleasing himself when I go into shower in the evening before bed. Why does he do this? Sometimes he will still want sex but other times he is tired or just wants to cuddle ..yeah right. He also told me a few years ago when we started dating that he would cum in 5 minutes with his ex wife and doesn't know how he isn't able to cum like that with me. Not something I wanted to hear...he can cum in 5 minutes watching porn but takes him forever with me. My self-esteem keeps dwindling away every time he masterbates when I leave the room or when he takes forever to cum. Am I crazy and should I be happy that it takes him forever or sometimes not at all. I am a small female and do everything I can to spice things up sometimes I feel that my hysterectomy maybe making things not as tight inside ? I don't know I am at a loss and hurt.

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