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“Is my girlfriend cheating?”

My girlfriend and I have been together for 15 months. We were getting along well but for the last five months, if I even mention the word sex she gets so mad at me and tells me it's her body and she has her rights! Which I never said she didn't. I just simply said, "Hey, think maybe we can have some sex?" And she would literally say, "Well, if this is what we gonna go through, I'm going home." And it's crazy because she knows that I've been sitting home waiting for her to get done work just to see her. I would even tell her I wanna go have dinner! And she is so irritated that I asked about sex that she literally goes right home!

And, because of work, we would literally get 25 minutes or so to see each other over the next six days. It's very depressing to even wonder but I have to know! Is she really working these two jobs? I believe she is working both of them but I'm not sure if she's working the one that is 45 minutes to an hour's drive away. I don't know if she's working that one the whole time she says!

I need everyone's opinion, honestly. Do you think I have a cheating girlfriend? Or do you think she can just go this long without sex? Keep in mind that when we first got together, I think I hung out with her one day and then she begged me to come stay at her house that night so literally we had sex our very first night. And at the time we lived hours apart! She used to drive the hour and have two hour-long drives just to see me! Just to go sit in her car somewhere and have sex all over it! And the sex is so good. Like, I can't even explain how great it is you know?

But she just tells me no and leaves it at that. It's been five months and I have not had sex with my girlfriend once. It may have even been a little longer. If I ask, she says no. She literally will go home. And her landlord is suddenly saying I am not allowed at her house! Nothing was done in any foul manner. Is he allowed to tell me I'm not allowed to be at that house? She pays him rent, she should be allowed to have whoever she wants there, correct? But, no, he tells her that because I yelled at my daughter and the downstairs lady (his mother heard me yell at her and thought I was yelling at my girlfriend), all of a sudden I'm not allowed up there at all.

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