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"In love with my best friend"

I'm having a situation with my bestfriend (K). I have known him for 5 yrs now and we have ended up developing feelings for each other. But, the issue is that within those years, I was in a very toxic relationship and recently got out of it after a lot of thinking and suggestions from my friends. Along the way, he too ended up finding a very sweet girl (H). We were supposed to go back to do our masters, but I can't bear to see them together, so I'm going to the UK for my studies. Just recently we acknowledged our love for each other , but I know the situation he is in and as the masters is for 2 yrs. We have come to a conclusion that we would see what we would do after that time.

We have been there for each other through thick and thin, and his gf also knows that I have feelings for him. The problem is that she isnt catholic and that is one of the main problems that drives them apart mostly.

I tend to hang out with a lot of guy friends and hence we share the pretty same group. At a recent party, his gf admitted that she felt lost when the two of us were around and that y'all both always shut the world out and are into each other.

As I met him one last time before I leave now (we are currently in different states) , we just lay there in bed holding hands and I cried because I didn't want the sun to be up , as it would be time for me to leave.

I don't want his and his gf's relationship to break because of my feelings or anything, because I don't wanna cause anyone pain.

Right now I wanna focus on my career , but how will I be able to cope with this? How am I supposed to wait for something I don't know the outcome of?

People say we are perfect for each other, and these are people who we have rarely interacted with also. He has always taken care of me like I was his own. Our parents also like us both and there isn't any religious problems (we're both catholic), so much so his mother told me to take him along with me from future studies.

Is it worth it to invest so much time without any probability? Two years is a long time and I'm already 23. I've got my whole life ahead.

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