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“In love with a boy who has a girlfriend”

I'm in love with a boy who has a gf now. I'm Iranian and I live in Iran. He's Australian and he lives in Australia. We met while he was travelling in Iran, last year. We met once and couple of days later he left Iran. We were in contact. Once or twice video calls and we used to chat. We had a friendly relationship. He was flirting with me too.

But after he backed to his country Australia he started a relationship. I didn't know that but once I asked him about relationship he told me he has a girlfriend now. I was dating that time with someone, I said I have a boyfriend too. After that I told him I really liked him but because he was far away I couldn't tell him about my feelings. He said you have a boyfriend now. Now I really don't know. I really liked him. I know it's not easy to have a long distance relationship specially for boys and I know we are from different countries with different cultures but I really like him! I feel sad now and I don't know what I should do.

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