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“I'm pregnant and he ignores me”

I'm pregnant, just found out. All this time it was his verbal abuse that made me get pregnant. He kept saying to me that I'm 30 – which I'm not, I just turned 27 – and when was I planning to have a child? It got to my head and now I'm pregnant and he doesn't want to acknowledge the pregnancy.

I have so many issues with him but these days it's mainly because he goes to work comes home and then goes into his room where he plays video games and drinks beer until he is ready to come to bed and then sleep. So he doesn't really speak to me. I ask him to hang out and let's talk but he never wants to. He's also a huge ignoramus. Every time i try to talk about our problems and get him to understand my feelings he runs away literally out the room or he just doesn't wanna hear it.

One minute he says kid just tie you down, u won't be able to do anything with life... and I've seen a change in him yesterday because he went to his cousins baby shower. I guess that made him a bit heartfelt since he is now telling me he wants me to keep our baby and he will spend more time with me and I shouldn't do anything stupid because I told him I have an abortion booked. I just feel like he will change as soon as a hit 3 months because it's hard to go ahead with abortion once you are second trimester.

My family is also not supportive of us. My mom hates him and says it won't be her grandchild because she hates the father. He has 2 kids from a previous relationship. She says she wants nothing to do with me if I go ahead with the pregnancy and the only way I can go back home is if I abort it. That breaks my heart because it's still a life end of the day. Also I have felt extreme guilt in the past from 2 abortions I did for him... He was always misbehaving and drinking and not taking me or the pregnancy seriously much like now. I don't know why I thought he would change i am so stupid for falling for this again.

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