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I love a guy who loves another

I met this guy and something led to another and we ended up in bed. I wasn't too happy as in I felt a whole regret and then he asked for another time with him of which I told him the sex was a fling and a mistake. He stopped Calling and messaging, then I realized I was in love with him. I wanted to open up but was scared of rejection but I always bought him food cause I really cared for him. Then I relocated and he stopped calling totally. I finally summoned courage and told him I was in love with him of which he laughed and possibly threw it away. I left with my dignity and then he sent a message one day telling me that I have not ordered him food and he wanted it, I felt so used cause I believe he is seeing someone else though I have not seen him with her or heard but I feel so. I felt so hurt over the rejection cause I still love him. Should I go ahead and order the food for him or just let him be, don't forget I really do care about him.
Please if there is anyone with idea on this,help me with this.
Thanks all for your contribution

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