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“I felt out of this world”

I was seeing this man I have known for 10 years. Let's call him Jose. In high school we dated a couple times and the first time we met felt out of this world... That feeling never changed. Even 10 years later. I moved back from college after a bad relationship that lasted three years too long. I got back and Jose and I started seeing each other. A month into it he told me I was still hung up on my ex and then ghosted me. I was heartbroken. I was completely over my ex and if I ever said anything about him it was how much of an asshole he is. I felt out of this world with Jose we never had sex so it was strictly just how we emotionally connected.

After he ended it I started seeing my current boyfriend. We have now been together for five months. Let's call him Devin. He has said he loved me and I said it back without 100% feeling the same way. He is a nice guy, very sweet, and loving. But he definitely has a lot to work on. He can't financially take care of himself, and there are views that we definitely don't see eye to eye and bothers me on a daily basis. He doesn't not emotionally or physically please me but I do have love for him.

Devin stays over four times a week and his family loves me and I know I'm needed in this relationship. Jose messaged me saying he was sorry and he will never feel the same way about anyone else and he loves me and cares about me and wants nothing more than to be with me. I am honest and tell him I'm with someone currently and he said we needed to talk. I said right now my boyfriend is here so it's not a good time. He told me to message him when I'm not in a relationship and blocked me again.

I love Jose and always will but I am with someone. I don't want to make the mistake of ending my relationship with Devin and losing something that could have been special but I don't want to stay and not feel the way I feel when I'm with Jose. Please tell me what to do!

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