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“Husband not considering my opinion”

This is my first time posting like this. I have been stressing lately. I'm three months' pregnant with my third child. My oldest is 12 and youngest is seven.

I have lived most of our family life – 10 years to be exact – with my husband's parents. His family is pretty chaotic. Both his siblings are divorced and have been unstable throughout this whole time. Recently my husband and I bought a house about one hour away from his parents and have been living very comfortable as a family of four for the past year. A week and a half ago my mother-in-law went into hospital after fainting because she was dehydrated.

My husband's brother lives as a single dad with his three kids at the in-laws', and my husband wanted to give his mom a chance to feel better without too much commotion with the kids at her house. My husband told me it was temporary for a week while his mom got better. I asked my husband if it's a week for sure about a day ago and he had no answer for me. He said he didn't know.

That really upsets me that he doesn't have a clear answer. I use all of my income to support the house and never spend on my wants and don't think it's fair he makes these decisions without taking me in mind. I'm not OK with this because the three nephews are very clingy and are always coming to me when they are thirsty, hungry, or even when in conflicts. I have my own two kids and I'm pregnant. I told my husband that I really planned my kids and family so I didn't need to be overwhelmed by kids. Now I feel like I'm paying for something I didn't cause.

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