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“His baby mama lives with his mom”
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Short Version: His baby mama lives with his mom, he lives elsewhere. I would have felt better about this situation had I not realized that he is still taking very careful steps not to impose on her feelings. They have not been together for 2 years, he is not on child support, and they have been friends since high school for 8 years or so. Him and I have a serious relationship, open communication, his mom knows about me and knows that he plans to be with me in the future.

Problems arose when he went to his mother's house to see his son, and I noticed he was only calling me once he left the house to run errands. The very night I confronted him about the baby mama not knowing of me (via text), is the same night she went into his room, went through his text messages while his phone was on the charger and he was working (he's a social media influencer). That's how she found out about me.

My question is how should I confront him about this situation cause it's making me uncomfortable. He won't put his foot down with her. Hes being overly cautious of her feelings and she has control of him because of this, and I don't like this. He says child support and custody is the furthest thing from her mind so that's why hes trying not to set her off. But all I see is excuses. If she walks over your feelings, is inconsiderate of your time, and talks down to you, it's because you haven't put your foot down

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