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Help... I want to save my marriage

I have a common friend on Facebook and we started conversing before my wedding. Now I have been married for six months.

We use to chat formally later after the wedding we started sharing our personal lives with our partners.

We use to console each other if there were fights. At times we use to address each other as love, sweetheart etc.

Mistakenly my husband gets to see my mobile and goes through all the chats where I have discussed wrong about husband like separation and sensual chat.

My husband got furious because he went through some of the chats and repeatedly asked me for the explanation.

He took the screenshots and shared it to all the family members (both the families) and informed that I am having an extra marital affair.

There was a chat from the guy, "wanna go crazy with u", I replied with kissing smileys, guy replies tight hug again I replied with smileys. I informed the guy that we don't have future to this guy responds, "at least I have you by my side".

I never shared any of my pics neither we made calls to hear voice.

To the above conversation my husband started blaming me in front of everyone that I invite guy to the bed and wanted to have crazy sex.

Husband humiliated me in front of both the family by these words.

Now he wanted to file a divorce because in Islam marriage is not considered with extra marital affairs.

I tried a lot explaining to him but husband is adamant about filing a divorce.

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