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“He takes everything personally”

I've been having this issue since we first started becoming serious. I will say a little comment in conversation, not meaning it to be offensive, and he takes it that way and gets enraged. For instance, I was slightly insulted he didn't invite me to meet his daughter on the trip he is planning for her birthday. He didn't invite me or include me in the planning at all. We've been dating for over a year and I've never met her because she is a few states away. We live together and have even talked about marriage at some point. His daughter is a huge part of his life and I was hoping to become close to her eventually. I mentioned to him that I was insulted he didn't invite me on his trip to see her and he told me I would just be in the way and that this visit is a short one and not really my business. We argued.

She is coming for Christmas and we can be introduced then. He is very defensive when it comes to her I've guessed. He was saying how much he missed her today and I casually said that I would've liked to become close with her, but that cant happen right now. He took it as a continuation of our previous argument and assumed I was dealing an underhanded comment. I didn't understand why he got so angry. I was stating a fact. I understand he doesn't want me to be involved, it's insulting and hurtful to me but I understand. Should I have said nothing? I feel like I have to watch myself because he takes everything as an attack. What should I do?

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