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He had a long term partner

So im a lady over the age of 30, i live in england and he lives in America. He is 39... We have been gaming buddies for over a year, i am a single mum to 3 older children.... but in the last 3 months we have become very close. 1 week ago i received a message from his girlfriend of 14 years... He told me he was single.... After a few days brake i recieved a long apologising message followed by a video call. He said he never intended to get strong feelings for me and its somthing that just happened whilst playing games etc (we spoke on the mic)

He also went on to explain that they have grown apart over the last few years but he was to scared to tell me etc.

Following on a week hes contracted me to tell me they have broken up and she is moving out.. He told me regardless if i desire to carry on talking to him or not, the braking up needed to happen...

He actually has tickets booked to visit in September which costs around 700... My family are all telling me to run a mile but my heart it telling me to give him a chance.... Im so confused

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