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“Four months and no sex”

First of all hello. I have been with my girlfriend four months now and I feel sex or physical intimacy is important in a relationship but she doesn't. We have had sex once and I was just made to feel bad because she was tipsy and said she wouldn't have if she wasn't. I'm sexually attracted to her. She says she's sexually attracted to me. She masturbated over me. I masturbate over her. But when the time comes she doesn't want to and just says have a wank.

We are both in our 20s. And I just don't get it. I love her to bits. But that intimacy isn't there and I need it. I want it. I want her in that way. I want to have fun in that way. But she really doesn't and I feel like a complete dickhead but it just makes me feel rejected and sad. Especially when we are both building each other up but then your turned down because "wanking is quicker" and gets it done faster. Just makes me feel let down if you like because I'm sexually attracted to her and she says she is.

But there's none of that honeymoon period as they say. No sex. No intimacy and the one time we did have sex WHICH WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I feel terrible for it. Honestly. We are in a relationship and love the hell out of each other. But it kind of just feels like we are good friends that can have a kiss. Thanks for reading and looking forward to replies.

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