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"Emotional affair with an ex"

I am friends with a long time ex-lover. We have known each other since 1990 when we were 20. We are now 50 yrs old. Since Facebook we reconnected since '09. We both married at the time but I divorced two yrs later. We had sex in 2014. Til this day I have not seen him but we always chat. We chat on a regular basis. He is very faithful to his wife. He loves her. They even brought a house couple yrs ago. I am only friends with this guy but we do have sex conversations.

I have been seeing someone that I have known since 2000 and he knows that. He always seem to be jealous when I speak of other guys but I know it is a game - for one, we don't see each other at all. He lives 6 hours away and it's not like we see each other when we come to town. I actually even go to him for advice on some things. We can chat all day til we fall asleep and pick up in the morning when we are both up early for work. Not sure if I should continue being friends but I communicate with him more than I do my own female friends. Please help!

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