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Does my friend like me?

Me and my friend been bff for most our lives. Always been my closest friend and often said we weirdly close. And how we are not together etc...

Few years ago we slept together while i had a bf and he was seeing someone(his girl was always paranoid about me and how close we were) i broke up with my bf cause i felt guilty and confused about my friend but he said he wanted to continue with this girl(theres was a messy relationship for 2 years) and we drifted apart.

Hes single for the past year and im with someone else for a while now. He wanted to have a talk and apologise for pulling back and he wanted to give me space and not get in the way of my and my bf and how much he missed being my friend and how close we was. And we hang out often now. Last couple times things are more flirty like before. And last night we hung out with two other mates and he sat away from me and i spoke more with the other two, but near the end when they wernt really looking or busy he was very touchy and playful with me and stood very close and we cuddled on a bench opposite our friend which was normal years ago for us. But we held hands secretively for a while. And im getting a little confused about how hes been. Am i over thinking?

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