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STOP: Part three – reflection
in Short course: “Getting It Right for Children”

Now listen to how each member of Mia's family felt in this situation.

Why was Naz asking Mia so many questions about all the new things in her mum’s house? 
  • Naz might worry that Mia has more fun with her mum because she has more money than him. Having less money that the other parent might sometimes make you feel that you have less to offer.

  • Naz could be trying to suggest to Mia that Sabina is spending money on herself or is being selfish, so that Mia won’t want to spend as much time with her.

Why was Naz asking Mia if she was able to see her grandmother?
  • Naz might be trying to encourage Mia to see her grandparents. When parents separate, it is important for children to keep relationships with other family members.

  • Naz might be unsettled by Sabina's new partner, James. He could be looking for Mia to reassure him that she doesn't like James. 

Now listen to how each member of Mia's family feel when things are done differently. 

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