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“Can’t live with MIL anymore”

I have been married to my husband for three years. Out of those three years, we lived one year with a roommate and two years (and counting) with my MIL. We met outside the US and decided to get married. I left my job and family and moved to the US to be with him. Since I couldn’t work for the first six months we stayed with his roommate. We bought a house and moved after a year. His mom moved in with us to get her green card. Those plans changed and she found a job so she can send money back home. Initial plans of her staying six months changed into two years now and counting.

Meanwhile, his sister came also and stayed with us for three months to give birth to her child to get a passport for the child. I have raised my concerns many times to my husband and cried and told him how much all of this impacts our marriage and privacy. Things have not changed and he always says he has to help them since his dad left them when they were kids and he is their father figure.

He also worked on getting his brother here. That was my breaking point and I told him it’s not going to work. His mom needs to move out and his brother can stay with her and any other family members they intend to bring. I have to mention that his mom does not contribute to the household in any monetary way. She sends half of her paycheck to her country to her 27-year-old son. She also does not help in the household with cleaning or cooking. We decided that Spring break would be a good time for her to move out. It’s that time now and she is still here.

Apparently, she was supposed to move in with a teacher from work but just a week before plans changed and the roommate who lived there before can’t move out until June or July. Now, I’m just thinking this is another excuse for me to just buy time. I can’t do this anymore and feel like my husband is putting his family before me. He tells me I don’t support him, while I actually sacrificed three years of my marriage and privacy along with leaving everything behind to be with him. I don’t know if I should wait until June and see if she is finally moving out or if I should just leave. I love him so much but I’m getting depressed and don’t see a good ending to this.

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