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"Boyfriend doesn't want marriage"

Advice anyone? My bf & I have been together for almost 4yrs he won't consider marriage now or later, he says he never wants to get married. I have been married before and now divorced. I am 10yrs older than him. We have a 1yr old son. I am serious about our relationship, loyal, I have a career as an xray tech for 20yrs, I don't look my age I work out and take care of myself. Ig he though I was younger when we started dating. He is mature for his age and serious about our relationship but will absolutely not get married. He avoids subject and any cost. He is nice,great with me and son but I want to be married again someday. Idk if its my age but Im embarrased and feel rejected because he doesn't want to be my husband someday. I am the type of person that wants to do things right and believe in marriage and being good partners and being a family. The only reason I had my son out of wedlock was because I couldn't wait ling because of my age. I am 41 and he is 31. I thought we had time for the rest but not for children because of my age. He didn't have kids. I am just feeling so rejected, unloved and maybe ready to move on with someone who wants what I want. My ex cheated on me and that felt like a bad rejection and this feels just as bad...

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