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Acceptable or not?

My wife of 10 years has been playing an online game I recently found out she has been messaging several other men very explicit text and photos she lied to me constantly for a week or so until I had absolute proof she has seemed like it was not a big deal and has hardly any remorse. Up to this point in our relationship everything was excellent we work together and live together and no problem at all. I know she loves me too but I can't feel it from her she just wants to move forward like it was nothing.

Now yesterday I found out she was messaging people she was in high school with. Including 3 men that she's never seen or messaged or anything else for 32years am I wrong for thinking that this is unacceptable she says it's her friend well I have friends too but I talk to them even if it has been a year or so she has no idea of what these people are doing or anything please help us is she doing something wrong or AM I wrong for being upset about it they aren't friends or even association's they are people she went to school with I would be a little more understanding about it if she had kept in contact but she hasn't help me please thank you.

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